XIII. The First Time

This is Hotel Lobby Stories episode 13, in which episode director and producer, Tamara From The Future, and I talk about the first time things happened in history. Do you remember the first time you experienced something that would later become a routine thing in your life? What did it feel like?

In this recording it’s all about the first time someone tried to do something new and different, and the repercussions this innovative thinking has had on us. Come check it out and leave us your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Episode Notes

  • This episode is the first time we’ve been late to deliver the podcast. We wanted to be cute about it.
  • The first recordings of dairy milking happened 11,000 years ago in the Neolithic era, in Anatolia (Asia Minor) to be precise. (Wikipedia)
  • Albino wrestler Mwimba Texas (Youtube)
  • Clamato… why? (Youtube)
  • Movie Review: What Happened To Monday? (Youtube)
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