Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hotel Lobby Stories?

Think about it. In a hotel lobby you’ll find all kinds of conversations, from moms trying to appease their dumb kids to Russian assassins in suits talking about their next mark. The couch in a lobby has probably heard a shit ton of crazy shit, so that’s why we chose our name. Hotel Lobby Stories is a podcast about anything we can think of.

How often do you record?

Every week. We try to put out one episode every Friday, but if we have something more to say we’ll put out an extra episode here and there.

What equipment do you use?

We record with a Blue Snowball mic, a pop filter and a pair of Macbooks. All episodes are edited using Garage Band, with a few tweaks to the narrator voice settings depending on where we record.

Is Tamara really from the future?


Do you really eat babies?

Only newborn ones, fresh from the womb, with onions and sriracha.

What’s with the Chesterfield couch?

This is the lobby couch. We like to sit on it and talk while sipping on very cheap drinks. Because we’re fancy like that.

Who edits the podcast?

We both share editing and publishing duties depending on our time schedules. As of episode 7, all episodes have been edited by Tamara.

Who does the artwork for the episode covers?


Can I be a guest in your podcast or submit topics?

Yes, you can! If you got a cool story for us to share or if you would like to come over and tell it yourself, you can totally shoot us an email and we’ll get in touch.